Thursday, December 31, 2015


Hi. As usual I do not want to miss writing another entry to end 2015. 'Metamorphosis' is the best word to describe this year. First, I went to Mecca for umrah where I realized that there is closer attachment between me and My Creator, to the extent that I clearer of what life should aim for. Alhamdulillah. Another change is I start my Master study at UUM. Even though it is done part-time with so much of limitations, I believe that my choice to fork out my own money to study is the right thing to do. There are 3 more semesters for another graduation. May Allah ease my way. The biggest metamorphosis of my life that I have undergone is having a boyfriend who is now my fiance. Despite the bumps encountered along the road, I still believe that Allah has created Mohd Syafiq Mohd Rasidi for me since the very beginning. Everything happens with Allah's grace. Everything is beautiful for 2015. Thank you :)
And not to forget, Ipi is now a Puan of Afnan. Nabilah is counting days while Faten is following closely behind with a good guy too. May happiness bestowed upon all of us. Amin

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