Monday, November 20, 2017


Dear diary,

This evening I stepped to uum with syafiq to get our cloaks, mortar biards and other stuffs for our convocarion day tomorrow. It was an amazing journey with lots of memories that tasted distinctively. All I can say about this, I learned about patience to balance my commitments, learned to be sincere when it comes to helping others, learned to accept the outcomes that sometimes do not meet our expectations. Despite not having Abah and Ma waiting outside the Muadzam Shah tomorrow, I hope that they feel proud of me.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Dear diary,

I am feeling absolutely nervous deep down. The biggest challenge that I have ever taken since the day I officially became a teacher is doing cascading to all other teachers,. I am taking the role as a Master Trainer on behalf of Cambridge English to explain to Kelantanese teachers from different districts about next year's curriculum which is CEFR alligned. It is indeed something that I have never imagined myself doing. Hopefully Allah will help me throughout the five days. Failure is not trying. I don't want to fail.

Break a leg Ayuni!

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Hi. As usual I do not want to miss writing another entry to end 2015. 'Metamorphosis' is the best word to describe this year. First, I went to Mecca for umrah where I realized that there is closer attachment between me and My Creator, to the extent that I clearer of what life should aim for. Alhamdulillah. Another change is I start my Master study at UUM. Even though it is done part-time with so much of limitations, I believe that my choice to fork out my own money to study is the right thing to do. There are 3 more semesters for another graduation. May Allah ease my way. The biggest metamorphosis of my life that I have undergone is having a boyfriend who is now my fiance. Despite the bumps encountered along the road, I still believe that Allah has created Mohd Syafiq Mohd Rasidi for me since the very beginning. Everything happens with Allah's grace. Everything is beautiful for 2015. Thank you :)
And not to forget, Ipi is now a Puan of Afnan. Nabilah is counting days while Faten is following closely behind with a good guy too. May happiness bestowed upon all of us. Amin

Monday, September 14, 2015

Kak nuroshlizan

Damailah kamu di sana. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

sotong celup tepung

Dear diary,

Tonight marks the 5th months of us being together. The whole day I went around town, looking for something that I can give to him. When I think about love, I always imagine care, receiving gifts, sweet messages, treat, and etc. It is all about giving rather than accepting. The drawback of such analogy is felt start pressing myself about how less his care towards me, how insignificant I feel about myself to him. However, when he pointed about how I should care of his pride, I felt like not having self worth anymore. At this point, it seems clear that the more effort I put to appear perfect in his eyes, the more imperfection I had seemingly demonstrated. Thank you. I have learned in the hardest way. I am so thankful for having him. Alhamdulillah

Sunday, May 10, 2015

step forward

Dear diary,

My new life as a postgrad student has finally begun. It feels so different to see mature students in the cohort. Thinking of workload and slimmer chance resting time, I am scared. Nevertheless, once step has been taken, there is no turning back.
UUM, please be good to me...or should I say us? :D

Sunday, April 19, 2015


The phone was just hung up. I looked at the floor idly before I took a few seconds to close my eyes. Subhanallah it has been more excitement prior to the story. It was amazingly arranged by Allah swt through me as the instrument. It has been a year that Nabilah had been fishing without much success for someone whom she thinks the best for her. In just 3 days, Nabilah and Razman have become serious in relationship. The flashing light she has been hoping for is actually from this hill, hill of Jeli. It came out so suddenly when she could no longer see path.

Hebatnya Tuhan